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Jasmine and Sea Salt Diffuser
Jasmine and Sea Salt Diffuser

Jasmine and Sea Salt Diffuser


The Jasmine and Sea Salt diffuser sweeps you away to an airy ocean side destination. This scent marries the notes of salty ozone with floral and citrus notes. Then honeydew melon blends with a trace of violet in this marine fragrance. Lastly, airy ozone  in the base give depth to the aquatic notes for a result that’s anything but ordinary.


Top: Citrus, Ozone, Sea Salt

Middle: Jasmin, Honeydew Melon, Lavender, Violet

Base: Powder, Ozone, Wood


Expertly crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils, this Reed Diffuser releases an exquisite scent slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 5 months, delivering continuous fragrance, uninterrupted. The intensity and reach of the fragrance can be customized based on the number of reeds used.

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